3ERP- One of the Best CNC Machining Companies

3ERP is one of China’s top CNC Machining Companies for rapid prototyping. Built on the principles of the 3Es—Excellent, Efficient, and Economical—along with a committed team and the newest technology to ensure your project is successful, 3E Rapid Prototyping (3ERP) is an ISO9001-2015 certified company. 3ERP is one of the best CNC machining companies can help you with your demands, whether you need to have complex part created from a 3D visualization or want the finished product to be displayed at a high-level conference.

What is 3ERP and Why They are one of the Best CNC Machining Companies

Rapid tooling, injection molding, CNC machining, vacuum casting, pressure die casting, 3D printing, sheet metal prototyping, plastic, aluminum extrusion, and other low-volume manufacturing processes are all top-quality rapid prototyping services offered by 3ERP. They offer top-notch production options that can help accelerate the completion of your design. 3ERP allows you to thoroughly test your product and make any necessary adjustments to enhance it before it is put into large-scale manufacturing.

Qualities that Make 3ERP the Best CNC Machining Company

Quality Assurance

They adhere completely to the ISO requirements for quality and are certified to ISO 90001: 2015, which indicates that their manufacturing processes use the latest technologies for precision and accuracy. They inspect every incoming material and part to satisfy your standards using advanced measuring and testing equipment they have on hand. Because of this, they stand out among Chinese companies that offer rapid prototyping.

Twelve years of experience in the industry

Their engineers have 12 years of rapid prototyping and manufacturing experience, resulting in a source of expertise. They are capable of handling any project.

Huge Network

3ERP can complete your tasks quickly due to their on-site resources. Furthermore, their capacity is unlimited due to their solid partnerships with rapid production partners.

Rapid Quotation

For most tasks, you may expect to receive a quote from in 24 hours or less. Depending on the project’s complexity and the components’ volume, they may need 48 hours to produce your quotation.

Timely Turnaround

They can quickly produce your prototype and production parts due to their experienced engineers, flexible production system, and unlimited capacity.

Delivery of 30000+ Projects

In the past 12 years, they’ve shipped over 30K projects to clients worldwide and got tons of great feedback.

2000+ Satisfied Customers

3ERP strive to satisfy every customer by providing dependable quality, quick turnaround, and excellent services.

Customers can expect these Benefits from 3ERP.

The comprehensive solutions they provide to their customers are discussed below. You can get more than your desired needs and expectations.

  • Through their low-volume production technique and methods, they can reduce costs.
  • Accelerated delivery time to market
  • Giving the highest precision and detailing to your custom parts
  • Giving all of your products broad design flexibility
  • High success rate
  • Providing a full range of options for the bridge production


We do our best to deliver the most accurate and exceptional outcomes for your custom parts using advanced technology and a highly skilled team, which makes 3ERP one of the best companies.